Lagunas Gutierrez & Partners is a distinguished law firm with headquarters in Mexico City centering its focus on negotiations and legal disputes.

The firm offers comprehensive services in corporate law, being a single firm which globally attends legal conflicts  that arise to an enterprise or individual.

The vision of this company is to completely meet the specific requirements of our customers in a fully personalized way.


Civil and commercial matters

The law firm addresses a number of issues that have as their objective the implementation of the legal structure of a company and the resolution of all conflicts with strictly financial content that occur in the natural development of your corporate or personal life:

  • Constitution of all types of companies.
  • Planning and corporate strategies.
  • Civil and commercial, regular and special processes.
  • Agreements and Contracts.
  • Judicial and extrajudicial collections.
  • Execution of credit and guarantees.
  • Civil protection.

Foreigner's rights

Within the cluster of legal matters in which our firm has a great experience, are a series of cases in which a special legal regime pertaining to foreigners or non-nationals, in such cases, we offer to take charge of any consultation process or procedure relating to:

  • Migration
  • Real estate acquisition by foreigners.
  • Exports.
  • Imports.
  • Foreign investment.
  • Trustfunds.
  • International transactions and credit operations.
  • Administrative protection.


The firm handles the defense of the company as a contributor in any process or proceeding before the Mexican tax authorities:

  • Statements.
  • Clarifications.
  • Home visities.
  • Cabinet reviews.
  • Procedimiento fiscal.
  • Fiscal procedure.
  • Tax shield.

Criminal Matters

We focus our attention on  defense or contribution, to economic, financial and tax offenses, with high competition for management regarding:

  • Corporate fraud prevention.
  • Preliminary investigations.
  • Criminal Proceedings.
  • Negotiations as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.
  • Prison law.
  • Criminal defense.

Labor Matters

Attention to all kinds of conflicts of a company with employees, groups of employees or subcontractors:

  • Ordinary and special work processes.
  • Layoffs.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Employment Protection.


Strategic alliances with other offices allow us to provide our customers with a work unit, while maintaining the ownership and responsibility of the professional service.


Our clients are companies and individuals who work in the commercial and industrial sectors, and that given the complexity of their operations, require the involvement of various specialties and areas of expertise of each approach to law; therefore Lagunas Gutierrez & Partners is able to comprehensively solve the legal needs presented to them.


Luis Lagunas

Socio fundador de Lagunas Gutiérrez y Asociados, S.C., cuenta con una maestría en Políticas Públicas por la Universidad Iberoamericana.

Su actividad se ha desarrollado por una parte, en la asesoría e instrumentación jurídica para el establecimiento de relaciones comerciales y por otra, en la
solución de conflictos litigiosos civiles, mercantiles y gubernamentales.

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Luis Lagunas


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